Welcome to my world, let’s do this!

Hello, call me Jean, I have this habit of buying books but not reading it. Half-kidding. I love reading and it does not matter whether it is in physical or electronic format, as long as I can be comfortable with the story.

Aside from books, I also hoard stationery and I spend more time talking to my journal than interacting with actual people. I have been obsessed with both reading and journaling since I was in grade school.

I am a fan of Korean music so I incorporate a lot of K-Pop into my reading world. I am a VIP (BIGBANG), Blackjack (2NE1), and iGOT7 (GOT7) & a YG Family stan. I have been a KPop fan since 2010.

My blog consists of book reviews and other book related stuff, album reviews, cover reviews, and a whole lot more. I run Instagram for my books and for my KPop collection.


Jean is a graduate of Liberal Arts major in Philosophy. She is a former school publication writer and an occasional book blogger. She is a collector of photocards and currently focuses on GOT7. She is an advocate of non-violence and a hardcore critic of death penalty. You may reach her at jeriectuan@gmail.com.