Welcome to my world, let’s do this!

Ahoy! Salutations! Call me Jean, the lady with a habit of buying books and keeping them unread until they all pile up and bury her alive. (Whoa there, woman, you do this as if you have a lot of free shelf space at home, aye?) Also, the kid who was always in trouble for having overdue penalties all the time.

I like my coffee dark and strong, and so as my books. I like my tea iced, steaming, with milk, with sugar – anything, and so as my books. (Except, I am not a big fan of erotic books and such. No, I would not want to imagine other people doing the deed. Please.) One thing for sure, I have never been a problem child – I have always stayed inside the library while waiting for my grandfather to pick me up from school, and my friends are all fiction.

I spend more time talking to my journal than interacting with actual people.

My blog consists of book reviews and other book related stuff, album reviews, cover reviews, and a whole lot more. I run Instagram for my books and for my KPop collection.


Jean is a graduate of Liberal Arts major in Philosophy. She is a former school publication writer and an occasional book blogger, and now, a publishing specialist for an international company. She is an advocate of non-violence and a hardcore critic of death penalty. You may reach her at euphoricpeonies@gmail.com.