2017 haroojerie Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! Another year has passed, and as another one comes, I am pretty sure we are all excited to write on this blank book called 2017 with new and exciting memories that we have not yet tried during the past years. Looking back, I never tried to have a fixed reading list and I just read whatever book that interests me at the moment. This year, I would like to set a goal so I can train myself to focus on a certain list, basically, to avoid spontaneous decisions in reading and in real life.

Since I always cannot think of a reading list of my own, I would like to compile the books introduced by GOT7’s JB and Jinyoung (a.k.a JJ Project) and make it my 2017 Reading Challenge! It would really be a challenge for me because it means going out of my comfort zone to try to read diversely. (Also a challenge because some of their reads are so rare.) It would not, however, be too hard on my part because Jinyoung and I have the same choice of genre.

Introducing the 2017 haroojerie Reading Challenge ft. JJ Project!


▢ Albom, Mitch | The First Fhone Call from Heaven
▢ Bradbury, Ray |  Fahrenheit 451 
▢ Coelho, Paulo | 11 Minutes
▢ Coelho, Paulo | The Alchemist
▢ de Botton, Alain | The Course of Love
▢ de Botton, Alain | Essays in Love
▢ de Botton, Alain |  On Love: A Novel
▢ de Vasconcelos, Jose Mauro | My Sweet Orange Tree
▢ Ekuni, Kaori | Between Calm and Passion
▢ Emerson, Ralph Waldo | If the Stars Should Appear One Night in a Thousand Years
▢ Green, John | The Fault in Our Stars
▢ Hosseini,  Khaled | The Kite Runner

▢ Ishiguro, Kazuo | Never Let Me Go
▢ Jonasson, Jonas | The 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
▢ Kundera, Milan | The Festival of Insignificance
▢ Kundera, Milan | Slowness
▢ Kundera, Milan | The Unbearable Lightness of Being
▢ Maugham, W Somerset | The Moon and Sixpence
▢ Miller, Arthur | The Crucible
▢ Miyabe, Miyuki | All She Was Worth (Kasha)
▢ Moyes, Jojo | The Girl You Left Behind
▢ Moyes, Jojo | Me Before You

▢ Murakami, Haruki | Norwegian Wood
▢ Murakami, Ryu | Sixty Nine
▢ Musso, Guillaume | Central Park
☑ Musso, Guillaume | The Girl on Paper

▢ Musso, Guillaume | Next
▢ Musso, Guillaume | Will You Be There
▢ Nabokov, Vladimir | Lolita
▢ Nothomb, Amélie | Memories of Murder
▢ Salinger, J.D. | The Catcher in the Rye
▢  Stevenson, Robert Louis | The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
▢ Süskind, Patrick | Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I got this list from GOT7 International Fanclub on Facebook but I edited it out, I have removed some Korean books because they have no translations yet. These are mostly from Jinyoung because JB often reads non-fiction and mangas but I will try my best to spot him reading a fiction book this year so I can add it to the list.

On the other hand, the list below are the books I have read beforehand that I also found on the original list, from Jinyoung’s bookshelf tour, and his airport pictures. There are some entries from above that I have already started, or have already read but I want to re-read so I am keeping it there.

☑ Dashner, James | The Maze Runner
☑ de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine | The Little Prince
☑ James, E.L. | Fifty Shades of Grey
☑ Lee, Harper | To Kill a Mockingbird

There are 33 books in total and my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge is 30, so if I finish the list then I will also be done with my Goodreads Challenge! I have already read one, so 32 more to go! Join me in this challenge and let us fulfill 2017 with books read by the best duo in town!

See you next blog, yeah?

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