Ebb and Flow by Heather Smith :: Book Review


Ebb and Flow

by Heather Smith

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3 April 2018, Kids Can Press

Goodreads Average Rating: 4.21

Francesca M. Healy (5)

 If there’s one thing Jett has learned over the past year, it’s that fresh starts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. After a “rotten bad year” in a new town, at a new school, Jett returns to the coast to spend the summer with his Grandma Jo, hoping to forget.

But Jett carries a secret with him. As the summer unfolds, he finds himself examining memories of his past like bits of sea glass—arranging and rearranging them in an effort to make sense of his mistakes.

Told in free verse, this captivating story of betrayal and forgiveness will pull readers in . . . and not easily let them go.

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The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello :: Book Review


The Memory Box

by Eva Lesko Natiello

Read in eBook

First published 2014, Kobo Writing Life

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.51

Francesca M. Healy (5)


In this gripping psychological thriller, a group of privileged suburban moms amuse themselves by Googling everyone in town, digging up dirt to fuel thorny gossip. Caroline Thompson, devoted mother of two, sticks to the moral high ground and attempts to avoid these women. She’s relieved to hear her name appears only three times, citing her philanthropy. Despite being grateful that she has nothing to hide, a delayed pang of insecurity prods Caroline to Google her maiden name—which none of the others know.

The hits cascade like a tsunami. Caroline’s terrified by what she reads. An obituary for her sister, JD? That’s absurd. With every click, the revelations grow more alarming. They can’t be right. She’d know. Caroline is hurled into a state of paranoia—upending her blissful family life—desperate to prove these allegations false before someone discovers they’re true.

The disturbing underpinnings of The Memory Box expose a story of deceit, misconceptions, and an obsession for control. With its twists, taut pacing, and psychological tenor, Natiello’s page-turning suspense cautions: Be careful what you search for.

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Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell :: Sequel Reveal?

ATTENTION! I hereby proclaim that The Queen of all YAs is finally coming back!

On her 3rd of June Instagram post, Rainbow Rowell published what seemingly is a promotional poster for something. Packed with a title and a year, the author dropped the image with no caption at all for us to wonder. Growing up with a music enthusiast father, my initial reaction was to scream my lungs out: “CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON!!!!!!” (That surely is complete with headbangs and guitar mimics.) That’s even before I noticed that the guys in the illustration appear to be our dearest Simon Snow and Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch!


Being the biggest Rainbow Rowell aficionado that I am, I tried to recall if there is something I have to confirm this madness. Eureka! On her 10th of February newsletter, she revealed that a new YA novel is in progress; something related to Carry On?

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May 2018 :: Wrap Up

Greetings from Luna!

This message is being delivered to you after a Herculean summer encountered by yours truly. Travelling from Luna through Hypatia to Musée du Louvre and back to Morato has been gruesome and exhausting. It is a surprise that my delicate physique have survived unconventional switch of gravity and time. An evaluation has been done in order to provide the proof that time-spans differ with Luna and Earth. Dumbfounding as it is, I managed to finish nine books from the 1st of May to the 30th. I barely even manage to get through halfway a book during the first few months of this year.

Ergo, the girl from Luna wishes to announce the inauguration of a recently developed segment: The Perfect Peonies Award!

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Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata :: Book Review


Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata

by Ricky Lee

364 pages | Read in Paperback

2011, Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc.; Visprint Inc.

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.78

Francesca M. Healy (5)


Eleksyon, 2010. Isang baklang impersonator, si Amapola, ang naging manananggal at nakatanggap ng propesiya na siya ang itinakdang magliligtas sa Pilipinas. Ang naghatid ng balita: si Emil, isang pulis na Noranian. Ang pasimuno ng balita: si Sepa, ang lola sa tuhod ni Amapola, na nanggaling pa sa panahon ng Kastila at may unrequited love noon kay Andres Bonifacio.

Ang ikalawang nobela ni Ricky Lee ay isang hati-hating tingin sa buhay at pag-ibig ni Amapola at ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay, at sa buhay at pag-ibig na rin ng mga taong gusto nating pakialaman, dito sa bansang tinatawag nating Pilipinas, sa isang panahonng halos humihingi tayo ng mga kababalaghan. At donuts.

Napaka-imaginative ng Pilipino at di nauubusan ng mga bagong paraan ng pagdurusa.

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